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5 Of The Best Sleep Clinics in Kansas for a Sleep Study in 2019

Once you have decided it’s time to speak with someone about your sleep concerns, it’s important that you find a provider that...

How do you prepare for a sleep study?

So you've just scheduled your sleep study (also known as polysomnography). It's a few days, maybe weeks away. What are some of...

What is sleep architecture? (Stages and Cycles)

Frequently, we discuss the idea of sleep architecture in this blog.

Let's take a closer look at what that means.

Hospital Sleep Center vs Independent Sleep Center: Pros and Cons

You may have just learned from your sleep doctor that you need to have a sleep study to identify the root causes of your sleep...

What is the cost of a sleep study? (Rates, fees, and types)

Medical costs are a common concern for every patient, regardless of their insurance status. At Sleep Resolutions, we appreciate...

The best sleep center in Kansas

We at Sleep Resolutions have been helping patients to identify and treat dozens of different sleep disorders in the Garden City...

What is a sleep study (polysomnography)?

Patients often ask, "What is a sleep study?" 

Generally, a sleep study describes any test for diagnosing and/or treating sleep...


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