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Using light therapy to stay awake during the day

Daylight Savings Time (DST) went into effect on November 6. By now, you may have adjusted your sleep habits to the change. But...

Black Friday is a great day to sleep!

The day after Thanksgiving isn't a day of rest for everybody. Some people need to go back to work on Friday. Some sign up to...

Should school start later in Kansas? (Benefits and Reasons)

According to recent reports from the national advocacy group, Start School Later, school districts in at least 16 states are...

Are you a Sleep Deprived Mom? Symptoms, Effects and Tips for Sleep Deprivation

As we head into Mother's Day weekend, it's worth considering what may be the perfect gift to give any mother—

the gift of...

Sleep deprived in Kansas? Reasons and consequences for insufficient sleep

Sleep deprivation (also commonly referred to as sleep debt, short sleep, insufficient sleep, or inadequate sleep) has surpassed...


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