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How to prevent CPAP failure: making the most of your therapy

There are various reasons why CPAP intolerance (also known as CPAP failure) occurs—mostly, they take place during the very...

Should school start later in Kansas? (Benefits and Reasons)

According to recent reports from the national advocacy group, Start School Later, school districts in at least 16 states are...

Does insurance cover CPAP?

Does your health plan cover CPAP expenses? If you are newly diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), this may be foremost...

Why is it hard to fall sleep when it's hot out?

The high humidity, high heat summers of Kansas are upon us, and that means it's probably been hard for many to get their sleep....

What is Deep Sleep? (Stage, significance, and aging)

Much has been made about the importance of getting your rapid-eye movement sleep (REM sleep), but there's another stage of...

Post traumatic stress disorder and sleep

June is PTSD Awareness Month. With Independence Day approaching, it's worth speaking out about one of the main causes of sleep...

REM sleep: What it is, why we need it

The mystery of REM sleep has challenged scientists for decades to learn why it is so distinctly different from other kinds of...

How do you prepare for a sleep study?

So you've just scheduled your sleep study (also known as polysomnography). It's a few days, maybe weeks away. What are some of...

What is sleep architecture? (Stages and Cycles)

Frequently, we discuss the idea of sleep architecture in this blog.

Let's take a closer look at what that means.


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