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Medical costs are a common concern for every patient, regardless of their insurance status. At Sleep Resolutions, we appreciate that our patients want transparency about the cost of any sleep study they are scheduled to have at one of our facilities. We refuse to dodge requests for this information; you deserve full disclosure for pricing as well as for procedures and testing.   

To learn more about the kinds of sleep studies we provide at our sleep centers, click here. We believe we provide excellent service at an affordable rate and are proud to remain competitive with other providers.

It's important to remeinsurance_reimbursement.jpgmber, as you review our pricing, that your individual insurance coverage (whether through a private insurer, Medicare, or insurance pool) will vary in terms of how much it will reimburse you for sleep studies and equipment. For specific breakdowns of what your insurance carrier will cover, you will need to contact them directly.

Also, we are unable to accept Kansas Medicaid at this time as they do not pay for sleep studies or CPAP equipment.

Finally, we do not run pediatric sleep studies for young children; for young adults, we can run sleep studies as long as the patients are old enough to qualify for testing under adult protocols.

Here's the breakdown of our pricing for the various studies we administer at both of our Sleep Resolutions locations:

Nocturnal Polysomnography (NPSG) - CPT #95810

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) - CPT #95805

Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT) - CPT #95805 

Split Night Study - CPT #95811
$3000 plus $50 for the non-reusable CPAP mask cushion 

CPAP Titration Study - CPT #95811
$3000 plus $50 for the  non-reusable CPAP mask cushion 

Note: The above pricing reflects the sleep testing services provided by Sleep Resolutions. Additional Fees will incur as part of the interpretation of the studies by our Medical Director. Please feel free to contact KU Medical for more information on the interpretation fees at 913-588-6086.

Cash price: Please call for pricing information.

If you have any further questions about our prices, or would like to know which insurance carriers we are in network and contract with, feel free to contact us at Sleep Resolutions today at one of our two convenient locations in Kansas (Garden City or Dodge City) (620) 271-9400.


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