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When Was the Last Time You Got a New CPAP Mask?

When you started your CPAP therapy, your life immediately changed for the better. For the first time, you enjoyed...

Will wearing a CPAP mask at bedtime ruin my sex life?

A big fear shared by many people with sleep apnea is, "Will wearing my CPAP mask make me less attractive to my partner?" While...

Why Do People Snore? Reasons, Risks, & Treatment Options

More than a quarter of the population snores on a regular basis, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Snoring is...

Snoring and High Blood Pressure: Are they related?

One could joke that snoring and high blood pressure are related because the person who has to listen to loud snoring all night...

"My husband snores and stops breathing while asleep!"

We hear this comment all the time at our sleep center. We completely understand and appreciate the frustrating experience you...

Sleep Apnea and Cancer: One more reason to treat your snoring

It seems unlikely that snoring, which seems harmless, could actually be linked to cancer. However, untreated chronic snoring is...


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Snoring and Sleep Apnea