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wearing resmed mirage fx for her

There is a wide range of different CPAP masks that providers can recommend for their patients.  Each mask has its own features and benefits that may or may not make it a perfect fit for you.

If you want to find the perfect CPAP mask, it’s important to research all of your options.

Nasal masks are different from nasal pillows and nasal cushions.  A nasal mask covers your face from the bridge of your nose to your upper lip area.  These are ideal options for patients that don't like the bulkiness of the full face masks but require higher air pressure.  

Nasal masks are the middle-ground for weight between the lightweight pillows and the heavier face masks. They are commonly recommended for patients that move around a lot in their sleep, need higher pressure, want a wide variety of mask options, and prefer a more natural airflow.

Sleep Resolutions will always provide our community with all the information we can about different masks, CPAP machines, maintenance, and all things sleep medicine.  One way we do that is by providing a complete review of the equipment that we recommend.

Here is our review of ResMed’s Mirage FX for her nasal mask.

Mirage FX for Her Specifications

review resmed mirage fx for her cpap mask with headgear

The Mirage FX for her is designed with women in mind.  A woman’s face has unique curves and smaller features than a man’s face.  It just makes sense that CPAP masks should be designed to meet the needs of their individual patients and not “one size fits most” option. The Mirage FX for her is a modified system based off of the ResMed Mirage FX.

  • Therapy pressure between 4 to 20 cm H20

  • Operating temperatures between 41 to 104 degrees F (5-40 degrees C)

  • Operating humidity between 15% to 95% non condensing

  • Dimensions 5.42’’ (H) x 3.38’’ (W) x 3.46’’ (D) for standard size

  • Service life is dependent on the care, intensity of usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions in which the mask is used in and stored.  

  • Dead space is the empty volume of the mask to the end of the swivel. When using the standard size nasal mask the dead space is 92mL.

ResMed does not use latex, PVC or DEHP materials in the making of this mask.  

Pros of the Mirage FX for Her

Although function is the primary focus of this nasal mask, it does come with pink headgear.  The touch of color adds some personality to the mask.

The mask features ResMed’s Spring Air cushion for a soft seal against your face. The forehead strap has a form adjusting edge that contours to your face. It has a quick release elbow.  

This allows you to detach from your CPAP machine for those middle of the night bathroom trips or to inspect those creepy sounds that come from down the hall.  The most important feature of the Mirage FX for Her is that it comes in different sizing options that will allow for the smaller facial features of women.  

Many of our patients that use the Mirage FX or the Mirage FX for Her comment that this nasal mask is user-friendly and straightforward to clean.  

This mask is ideal for those that are naturally nose breathers.  

If you are a mouth breather, it may be more challenging for you to adjust to using this nasal mask.


My mask is too noisy

If you notice your mask is making more noise than usual, it is typically one of two things causing this problem.  The vent could be blocked. Clean the vent with a soft bristle brush. The other reason your mask may be excessively noisy is an incorrectly inserted elbow.  If you identify this as the problem, remove the elbow and reinsert per the user manual instructions.

My mask is leaking around the bridge of my nose

This is a common problem which can easily be remedied by tightening the top headgear straps.  Take care to avoid over tightening the straps. Straps that are too tight can cause increased irritation and discomfort.

The mask is leaking around my face

The problem occurs when the mask is not positioned correctly on your face.  To fix this, pull the mask cushion away from your face and allow it to reinflate.  Then reposition your mask according to the user manual instructions.

Staff and Customer Reviews

Andrea, the COO at Sleep Resolutions, how this to say about the Mirage FX:“This is a nasal mask with a very lightweight frame.  Simple design and quite a few people really liked this mask.  The FX line from ResMed has been replaced with the AirFit line.  

The forehead brace on this mask is not supposed to touch the skin but sit just a little off for less pressure on the bridge of the nose.  Due to the lightness of the mask, folks with higher pressure tend to want to strap their mask down tight, in this case, they would cause leaks from creasing the seal of the cushion.  This mask is great for a lower pressure patient.”

Nicole Roche in DME at Sleep Resolutions writes this about the Mirage FX

“This mask is very lightweight which is one of the biggest advantages. It also disconnects from the frame at the elbow. This is a nice feature. It is an older generation mask so not a go to, but I still consider it when I am looking for a smaller proportioned nasal mask.”

One user wrote the following about the Mirage FX for Her:

“This mask fits my nose and most importantly does not move around in bed when I move. I believe this is because of the headgear. The mask is attached to the head, and the head swivels on the neck. If the headgear and mask assembly all are attached to the head, it will all move together and not cause leaks. The "over the head" top strap on the headgear with the FX keeps the lower strap from slipping down onto the neck---keeps the bottom strap up on the head so the whole assembly can move together when I move my head in bed. I purchased a (returnable) Comfort Classic along with this one. Its mask is every bit as good; I believe--slightly larger with the same double seal system. The difference was the headgear. The Comfort Classic does not have the top strap so, on my head, the bottom strap slips down onto the neck. When I turn my head the strap on the neck does not move with the head and pulls on the mask and creates a side leak. My next order will be a Comfort Classic for the price and the FX headgear---If I can get it that way.”

Another patient learned that nasal masks simply did work for them:

“I normally use a ResMed F10 full face mask. I was hoping a nasal mask would give me more freedom to roll around. I tried the DreamWear mask, and that did allow more movement, but it was incredibly noisy. I have now tried the Mirage, and it works pretty well, but it is a little noisier than my F10 which I think is due to smaller exit holes. Not as noisy as the DreamWear, but it does not allow for movement any easier than my F10. Also, I occasionally get stuffed up, and of course a nasal mask won't work at all in that situation.”

The ResMed Mirage FX for Her nasal mask is an excellent mask due to its lightweight and mobility.  If you find yourself having any questions or comments about this nasal mask, please let us know. Here at Sleep Resolutions, we are always seeking out your feedback and thoughts about the equipment.

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